Hi! I’m Alex, 31, and a software engineer/enthusiast from north Germany.

In the web, I try to put my creativity into coding practices. In the real life, I’m persuing a Ph.D. in computer science, where I focus on formally specifying and verifying source code.

I want CodingGuyAlex to be a learning resource for anyone who wants to start coding. Here are the beliefs CodingGuyAlex is built upom:

  • You don’t have to be a great programmer, overwhelmingly smart, or a software magician to create awesome pieces of software. All it takes is fun and some guidance.
  • Learning how to program can shift your career goals (most of the time to the better 😉 )
  • Software development can give us the power to manifest our ideas, whether we focus is on business-related tools, hot topics such as artificial intelligence, or fun topics such as game development.

Technologies and Philosophy

My expertise and interest lies in object-oriented and imperative programming languages, such as Java, C/C++, or Python. However, I’m also very interested in functional languages, such as Haskell or OCaml, or hybrids, such as Scala. Topic-wise, I love projects involving a good portion of maths: Graphics/game programming with OpenGL, AI/maschine learning, optimization or formal verification.

To regain massive experience in the near future, I finally started this blog. My philosophy is to fail fast, experimenting a lot and put content out there to get valuable feedback. I’m by no means a great developer but I have the dream to become one. Contrary to some people’s belief, Ph.D.s rarely spend their time on programming or developing (Well, it depends… at least I don’t).  Hence, skills can become a bit rusty. This blog reminds me to put in the hours.

What else?

I enjoy reading books, especially fantasy. At some point I dreamt about becomming a great novelist 😀 I also love running and to spend time with my partner and my beautiful dog emily.
Another big part of my life is gaming. Similar to reading books, the feeling to be completly emerged in a different world is outstanding. My favorite games are settled in fantasy worlds and have RPG elements in it. Nonetheless, I’m also casually competetive. Feel free to contact me whenever you want to play a round of overwatch.


You can contact me via the contact page. I try my best to asnwer your request.